Barraba Big Toe 2021

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Comp organiser Karl Kindl Ph 0412675293 email

The BBA BIG TOE is a Trike Aero Tow Category 2, AA rated competition held at Barraba (near Manilla Nsw).
This region offers big air thermals and is ideal for getting in some big flights early in the season. As it is early season, the thermals should be a bit softer round the edge while still pumping in the middle. New Comp 2020, tasks averaged around 100km with 1000ups achieved (and it was a wet season).

Barraba in late Spring is a perfect location for inland flying. Great lift, not quite as rowdy as peak summer. The area offers wide open landing fields and plenty of options for tasks.

Camping is $10 per night for pilots and support staff at Aerodrome.,toilets, and power for radio gear available

GPS reminder: Please bring a lead for connecting your GPS to the scoring PC.

Signup Online: Once online entry is available you will be asked to complete the requested details. You will then be taken to the entry purchase and you can choose to use paypal or do it manually. In case of manual purchase please email Karl your intentions seperately.

Online Signup and Entry Purchase - Now Closed

Comp dates:Sunday 14th November to Saturday 20st November, 2021

Practice day and registration Saturday 13th November 2020

Pilot Numbers:Soft Limit of 30 pilots. Please note, your place will not be confirmed until your payment has been received.

Entry Fee:$250 if paid before October 20nd 2021.

$270 if paid after October 21nd, (entry includes late fee of $20)

Includes registration, eligibility for prizes, info pack, shirt and presentation night dinner.

Also note that tow cost of $400 is to be paid on arrival at the competition HQ.

Any refund must be negotiated with the comp organiser before October 21nd 2021 so as to be able to allocate the spot to another pilot on the waiting list.

Min. Requirements: 

  • Valid HGFA membership
  • Inland experience with (preferably) intermediate rating
  • Aerotow Rating
  • Recently repacked parachute
  • Vario
  • GPS (for scoring - with data PC connectivity)

Comp HQ:Barraba Aerodrome

Registration:Saturday 13th November, 2021

Comp Organisers:

Newcastle Hang Gliding Club contact Karl Kindl ph 0412675293 Email

meet directorKarl Kindl Ph 0412675293 Email

Competition Classes:1. Open Class

Sports Class gliders will fly the same task. The terrain allows for reasonably easy landing in most areas, so dropping short is not a major issue.

Trophies Awarded for:

Open class: 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Daily Morning Briefing:The first briefing will be at Barraba Aerodrome at 9:00am. Please be sure to attend the first one as YOU will be voting in the task and safety committees. The time for subsequent daily briefings will be set dependent on the conditions.

Committees:The task committee will be selected from experienced pilots flying in the competition. This committee will be made up of 3 pilots of which at least one will be representing the sport class. We will also have a safety and complaints committee.

Launch protocol:

1. Open Window

2. Top 1/3 of the field in reverse

3. Rest of the field in order

4. Open Window and relights

Scoring system:


Waypoints are available for download at registration.
For those who have been here before they are the same as Manillla State Titles waypoints as the last two years.

The latest version of GPSDump (Version 5) can be found at the link below. It can open both KML and GPX format as well as WPT format

GPSDump download here

Getting There

Barraba Aerodrome operates from its own airfield located 1km south Barraba township.It can be accessed via Bent St Barraba :



Freeflyers and non flying people are welcome.
Freeflyers are welcome to attend Barraba Big Toe but because this comp is a tow comp there will be a charge involved to cover the running costs and and their tows.
Freeflyers fee will be $100 dollars a day with a maximum of 3 tows per day.This is payable to the Meet Head of the comp on the day.
Freeflyers must attend daily breifings, held at the aerodrome at approx 9am.
Freeflyers must follow all the HGFA, FAI and NHGC rules for the comp.If you require any details call comp director Karl Kindl on 0412675293
Freeflyers can fly before and after competition pilots, also they can be slotted into the open window but only by the launch marshall of the day.
Freeflyers are not to approach competition pilots to get slotted in comp line.
Freeflyers are not to fly the competition task or land in the competition goal landing area
Freeflyers must be Aerotow endorsed and provide their HGFA Number and endorsment details to Meet Head of the comp.
Come and join in the fun.


Do not land in fields with crops ever! Do not land in fields with live stock wherever possible. There is ample landing area that has no crops or stock, do not upset the landholders.

Check and double check landing areas. Single strand electrical wires abound in this area and are invisible from the air. They may span for extreme distances across paddocks with very few poles. Any buildings, dams and especially pump houses should be treated with extreme suspicion.

All households in this area use UHF CB for communications when out and about on the farm and in town. Your radio chatter WILL be heard (all channels are utilised somewhere) and the whole competition judged accordingly. Please be polite and courteous at all times. Keep transmissions short sharp and to the point with no unnecessary chatter. To legally use the Ham frequencies, you MUST use a callsign for every transmission (which means you MUST have a valid callsign).

Leave all gates as you found them, if the gate was open then do not close it. Leave all areas as you found them. Take litter with you (even other peoples). Treat this country area and its people well and you will no doubt be treated the same.

Comp sponsors for BBA Barraba Big Tow 2021

To Be announced

Accommodation at airfield
Camping $10 per Night toilets and power to charge up radios and phones

For a copy of the FAI Local rules please click on the file link below